Andrew Penry has worked as a web designer, web programmer, and software architect for over 50 projects. Most of his projects originate from Master Web Designers, a small design firm founded by Andrew Penry and Shawn Olson in 2002. With 12 years of experience, Andrew can bring the professionalism and experience that you need to complete your web application.

This is a small sample of his work.

Artistic Network

The Artistic Network is a free portfolio site for visual artists, writers, and musicians. The site boasts almost 900 users who have generated over 1.5 gigabytes of content. This project serves as a testing ground for Webonizer, the in-house CMS developed by Master Web Designers. Andrew serves as chief architect of the Webonizer project, and editor of the Artistic Network.

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J.E. Brown

J.E. Brown & Associates is a wholesale insurance brokerage located in California. The site uses Drupal, a popular CMS, with many custom components programmed by Andrew. As a wholesaler, J.E. Brown's website goal is to connect agents with the insurance products that the consumer needs. To do this, Andrew programmed a Single Sign On (SSO) system which automatically logs the agent into several insurance companies' applications whenever they log into J.E. Brown.

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CCC Exteriors

Columbus Contracting Company is a roofing and siding installation company operating in Columbus, Ohio. In addition to the website, Andrew designed and programmed a custom client portal which allows CCC's customers to interact with the company throughout the installation. Through the portal, CCC can send contracts and other documents, post pictures of the progress, communicate through email, bill, and accept payment. After implementing the portal, customer satisfaction and referrals rose significantly.

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Franklin County

The Franklin County Sheriff's Appraisal Department required specialized software to help organize and plan routes for appraisals of foreclosed homes. This software included a web-scraping component to retrieve information from the County Auditor's site, a drag and drop route planner, and flexible reporting tools.


CanvassMate is a mobile application for door-to-door salepeople. It allows teams of salesmen to interact with a map using pins and surveys, increasing productivity by reducing overlap. Andrew Penry was chief architect of this project, which started on the Android operating system.

The Vadle

JRC Supplies is a one-product company which sells an innovate product direct to businesses. The Vadle Curb Box Lock is a small, high-quality, plastic attachment that prevents curb boxes from shifting after construction. JRC Supplies wanted a website that was simple and matched the style of their print fliers.

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